Z88 to 128K Spectrum Cables

This cable is suitable for all 128K Spectrums, from the original right up to the +3. It connects via the phone-type RS232 socket.

The RS232 socket on the Spectrum has pins numbered 1 to 6, with pin 6 being the one closest to the little "lever" that you press to release the cable.

Z88 to 128K Spectrum (phone-style)

Z88 (9-pin)                 128K Spectrum (phone-style)
GND   7 -------------------- 1   GND
TxD   2 -------------------- 2   TxD
RxD   3 -------------------- 3   RxD
RTS   4 -------------------- 4   DTR
CTS   5 -------------------- 5   CTS

Linking the Z88

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