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DOMINO CUBES 249 West 34th St. 5th Fl. NEW YORK 10001
Tel: 212-695-1811 or 877-Z88-YEAH
Voicemail/fax: 212-894-3704 x3503


We are a small computer company that sells a 2 pound portable computer that NEVER needs wall electricity and NEVER needs software! It has a full size coffee-proof keyboard that can be made SILENT for classrooms or libraries. It has BASIC, so you can write or run programs written for the Z88. It can download text from the INTERNET with ANY MODEM, as well as sending and receiving E-MAIL. It has an Integrated-Word- processor-Spreadsheet/database. It has MACRO capabilities and can send and receive ASCII files from IBM'S and MAC'S. It has the equivalent of WINDOWS and can handle 90 files at the same time. It can print to any printer, and is the easiest computer to learn and use. More remarkable features of the Z88, include the fact that it is spy-proof, virus-proof and millenium proof!!!! There are no problems requiring work, time or money to use the Z88 date system on or after the year 2000, 3000, or ALL THE WAY THRU 18253 !!!! We also can go back to 4713 BC !!

PS; Using the new INTEL chip, a NEW 1 MEG FLASH EPROM has been created making the Z88 even more powerful and versatile than before!! It allows the owner of a Z88 to use the FLASH EPROM as an internal removable disk drive, eraseable from the keyboard, eliminating the previously required need for ultra-violet light to erase eproms and eliminating the 2 pound external disk drive. It is 40 times faster than the old eproms and is cheaper than the 1 MEG RAM, and uses less energy. The same people making the eprom are making a 1 MEG FLASH ROM with all the meaningful programs ever written for the Z88!!! Both of these are available from DOMINO CUBES the only place in the USA to buy these!!

A 20 page list of prices, features, programs etc; will be mailed after receipt of $5 cash or stamps. The $5 will be deducted from your first order.

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