This terminal program comes in four parts:

All of the above files are text only, and so can be transferred easily enough (see the section on text transfers). To turn the CLI file into a BASIC program, enter BASIC and type:


You can then save it as Z88COM.BAS.

Use of the program to connect to BBSs is detailed in the documentation. Below, I will show how the program can be used to transfer files to and from another computer connected to the Z88 with a suitable cable.

Setting up

Firstly, you must go to the Panel on the Z88 and make sure that "Xon/Xoff" is set to "No". Everything else should be left at the defaults.

Next, start up the terminal software on your computer (on the PC, Windows Terminal is ideal). Set the communications port parameters as follows:

You should also disable any linefeed/carriage return conversions.

Finally, run Z88COM on the Z88 and you are ready to perform a transfer.

Sending a file from the Z88

First, set up the other computer to receive a file in Xmodem (checksum) mode. Then select option "S" in Z88COM to send a file.

Receiving a file from the Z88

First, select option "R" in Z88COM to wait to receive a file. Then use your terminal software to send a file from the other computer, using the Xmodem (checksum) protocol.


You may notice that transferred files are sometimes slightly longer when they arrive at their destination. This is generally caused by the fact that Xmodem transfers files in blocks of 128 bytes, and so the file length gets rounded up to the nearest multiple of 128.

If you want to avoid this, you'll have to either write your own software to use with the Import/Export popdown, or buy a commercial link package.


Linking the Z88

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