Your Sinclair: Frontlines

The following short "news article" appeared in the April 1987 issue of the popular ZX Spectrum magazine, Your Sinclair.

Picture of Sir Clive Sinclair holding a Z88

Remember Sir Clive Sinclair? Yes, back in 1904, it was Old Beardie who was responsible for the Sinclair Spectrum, as well as other odd little inventions (fill in C5 joke here).

But Sir Barmy doesn't give up that easily, and less than a year after selling out to Amstrad, he's got another computer out. It'll only cost £200, and it'll eventually be expandable to a breathtaking four megabytes of memory! Now for the bad news - you won't be able to play Gauntlet on it. The Z88, as it'll be called, is a lightweight laptop business machine, the sort you see men in suits using on transatlantic flights (club class, of course). It's even got a revolutionary new silent keyboard (that means rubber, chaps). Naturally, it's not finished, but everybody's raving about it, using words like "breakthrough", "benchtest" and "integrated spreadsheet".

How vulgar!

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