Sinclair User: Gremlin

This comment appeared in the April 1987 issue (#61) of Sinclair User.

As you may have heard, and indeed read in this issue, Sir Clive X. has just launched a new computer. The machine is by a Cambridge computer company that has no connection with thingy Research. It is called the Z88. Please be clear about that, it is not called the you-know-what Z88 but just plain Z88. It has just, kind of, appeared. It so happens that the Z88 is what was once called the Pandora, and is very much the computer that Sir Clive Wassname always wanted to put out.

When Sir Clive (deleted) sold out to Amstrad, big Al got not only the technology but also the rights to the name Sinclair, consequently Sir Clive cannot describe any computer he produces as a Sinclair product.

The advertising blurb cheekily describes the Z88 as 'the new computer from Sir Clive Sinclair' which is presumably just about OK legally, whereas 'the Sinclair Z88' is not.

Now you may feel this is all a bit silly but Amstrad wouldn't agree. The computer magazines have all been sent a curt little note from Amstrad warning them not to slip into the habit of referring to the computer as the (you know what) Z88. Amstrad is not a good company to offend, so Gremlin will say no more except to point out that with its non-standardness, untestedness, mail-order availability onlyness and superior pregnant-calculatorness Amstrad wouldn't be seen dead putting the damn machine out.

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